User report against my cat?!?!?

  1. 3 months ago


    Jun 6 Administrator
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    Hello, fellow staff members!
    I've caught a really bad hacker today. That thing was hackering the entire day! When did this happen? Today? Probably. Where? In the server? Yeah? My proof is that I saw him hackering and I remember how it looked, so I can draw it for you.
    As another proof, I got these screenshots on the server:
    -image- The cat is trying to make illegal wi-fi! Lol! Ban him!
    -image- The cat is now in progress of hackering! I clearly see the CatHack Client! (how did that cat get that glasses and how did it change skin so fast? Hackering? Obv!!)
    Even worse??! Yep!-image- This admin helped the cat install the hacks. I saw this on the support chat.

    Ban both of them! They are so bad! Why is even that cat admin? Can he type with that paws??!? No?

    You now know how to not report users/cat(s). Good luck!

  2. 2 months ago

    seems like a good report


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