Updates - 04/06/2017

  1. 3 months ago


    Jun 4 Developer

    Greetings warriors,

    I come with new updates to the server:

    + Percentage chance of a rare item has been increased in all crates.
    > Head Hunting Head XP worth amounts have been decreased.
    > The HH rank up XP needed system has been increased. (So more XP / Heads are needed)

    ± Custom enchantment bottles are going to be decreased.

    - The old store has been removed.
    + The new Buycraft store is now up!
    + 60% off on Christmas and Birthdays.
    + Finally the lumberjack enchantment is banned. So if you are caught with that enchantment on a tool or using it at spawn etc. You will be Permanently banned (IP - Banned)

    ~ JimmyXVI

  2. ~JimmyXVI_

    Jun 4 Developer

    Please be aware of the Lumberjack enchantment as it bypasses all protection and could lead to this punishment because it goes under the rule of no griefing.

    Thanks for you Co - Operation

    ~ JimmyXVI


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