Duels Update!

  1. 2 months ago


    Jun 16 Developer
    Edited 2 months ago by ~JimmyXVI_

    Hello there warriors!
    The following updates at below:

    + Duels plugin - 5 custom maps (Japanese Gardens, Cave, Wild West, Quick and Water park)
    > Head Hunter & Silk Spawner plugin bug - FIXED
    + New Staff and Donator chat (/dc)
    + New /staff GUI - made to show heads, names and roles of staff members
    > Staff application form updated along with the store packages
    + New rules have been added - PLEASE READ
    - Warps: Ftop, Links and Info have been removed
    + New kits, kit Daily, Weekly and Once
    + New server radio station just for us! https://plug.dj/nitronet/
    > Updated crate winnings and /rewards for voting - PLEASE VOTE
    + /vp - vote party which is activated after 50 votes globally around the server
    + Link 6 to vote! - On website


    ~ JimmyXVI


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